The Works of Edward Park



Amalgamism is a descriptor created by Edward Park defining a new genre of art. This is where the creative process combines theories, ideas, and styles from multiple genres to maximize storytelling. This genre merges, or almalgamates, seemingly disparate themes into one cohesive story, infusing many styles into one.
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Using brushwork to capture the subtleties of movement and light, each painting breathes with life. In the artist’s Impressionism style of work, the viewer travels along a vast range of outdoor beauty. From golden mountain meadows in rural America to the Aegean coast, be prepared to be swept off in a subliminal experience.
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The viewer may forget that these works are paintings and not photographs, as they perfectly capture an exquisite moment in time. The Naturalism style takes advantage of the artist’s attention to detail and accurate use of color, bringing each subject to life.
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Post Modern Impressionism

Water and her shorelines have long been identified with peace and serenity. The blues, greens and earth-tones bring calm, while the interest and energy of the vibrant colors make a splash. Allow the soothing tranquility, and the bright liveliness of the “Boat Series” to spill over onto your own presence.

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Integrating the natural elements of nature with a wide range of colors provides a beautiful escape in the Abstract works of Edward Park. The exquisite pallet work of these alluring pieces invites the viewer into another world, somewhat real, somewhat imagined.
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