The Works of Edward Park



Almagamism is a descriptor created by Edward Park to define a new genre of art.  This is where the creative process combines theories, ideas and styles from multiple genres to maximize my storytelling. It has the ability to combine seemingly disparate themes into a cohesive story punctuated by the different styles he employs.

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In his Impressionism style of work, the artist uses delicate brush work to capture the subtleties of movement and light to breath live into each painting.  From golden mountain meadows and rural America to the Aegean coast, his impressionism collections show the beauty of  the outdoors.

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Artist Edward Park’s Naturalism style takes advantage of his attention to detail and accurate use of colors to bring each to subject life, letting the viewer experience a captured moment in time.

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Post Modern Impressionism

The “Boat Series” captures the peace and tranquility associated with water and nature. The blues, greens and earth-tones contrast nicely with the incorporation of vibrant colors to impart interest and energy while still keeping the tranquil overtones.
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The Abstract works by Edward Park are recognized for the integration of the elements of nature with the feeling that the wide range of color provides.   Each of these beautiful pieces showcase his exquisite pallet-work and range of colors while keeping the natural element on the forefront.

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